Why Bowling Alley Equipment Speed, Reliability & Ease of Maintenance Are Critical

We are in the midst of a new generation of bowler. Less concerned with competition and more interested in having a good time with friends and family, the business of bowling is evolving to meet the interests of this type of bowler. Food and beverage are now a significant revenue item for bowling alleys, but the entire business still hinges on delivering a great bowling experience.

Despite this new, diversified revenue model taking hold among bowling proprietors and bowling business owners, any business that offers bowling needs to have fast, reliable and easily maintained equipment. Without that, the process of getting customers to come back becomes difficult. After all, if the bowling equipment slows down the gameplay or brings it to a complete stop, your customer might not come back ever.

After working with thousands of bowling businesses worldwide, here is what we believe to be the three most important aspects of your bowling equipment.


Smartphones and the Internet have elevated our expectations of speed. When we can access the world’s information in seconds, we expect a similar efficiency from all technologies. Bowling equipment is no exception, so bowling businesses need to invest in equipment that offers speed while maintaining safety. From pinsetters that reset efficiently to ball returns-optimized for quick and safe rescues, speed is a critical component of any bowling experience.


When equipment malfunctions, the speed of the game slows and not only hurts the experience for your customer but decreases your games per hour as well. It means you’re not only hurting your bottom line, but you might also lose out on a return customer if the experience is slow and unreliable. While bowling equipment costs might be a significant consideration, close behind that needs to be reliability. Bowling business owners need to work with a bowling equipment manufacturer with a track record for reliable pinsetters, ball returns and other equipment.

Ease of Maintenance & Repairs

Maintenance and repairs can significantly drive up your operating expenses and can be the most significant expense of any bowling business. When assessing your pinsetters and ball returns, make it a point to learn the level of skill and expertise needed to maintain and repair common problems with the machines. Find the equipment that is designed to be easily maintained. It not only saves on maintenance costs but allows for quicker resolution of issues that might come up.


If you’re starting a bowling business or looking to update and upgrade your equipment, keep these three areas in mind. While cost might be your most significant consideration, think long-term about the type of bowling experience you are building. Speedy, reliable and easily maintained equipment will offer you stronger, long-term performance and a better overall experience for your bowlers.

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